Custom Crimping According to Your Business Needs

An integral part of the work we do at Rova is accomplished at our Crimping centre. At our Crimping centre, we combine two parts of the custom cabling process using our fully automatic wire processing machines. At Rova, we are able to accomplish the custom crimping process using fully or partially automatic solutions. The technology we work with at the crimping centre is specially designed to crimp wire with any length specifications. No matter how complicated the customization is, Rova’s automatic wire processor can cut, form, tin, and strip with short turnover time. As well, automation ensures accuracy in detail and efficiency. 

Investing Resources into High-Quality Crimped Cables

At Rova, crimping can be customized according to any business needs. Rova brings forth experience in serving a variety of industries like Data and Communications, Point of Sale, Industrial Control, and Robotics. At Rova, custom wire assembly is developed from your sketches and ideas in order to create a completely unique product. With experience dating back to 1983, Rova is focused on flexibility in meeting your business objectives from value in price to quick turnaround time. With Rova, your business ensures our commitment to investing resources into ensuring your business receives high-quality custom-crimped cables.