Established in 1981, our offshore manufacturing partner through a strategic partnership with Rova have continued to develop new products to meet our ever changing needs.

Off Shore Manufacturing

With over $6 million (USD) invested into a new building and over 100 machines, we have a strong position to serve new industries and to make a greater impact on local and overseas markets.

offshore1We have the equipment and the expertise to create custom cable assembly solutions. Using state of the art equipment and technologies, we have the capacity to extrude 500 kilometers of cable per day utilizing skilled employees led by a management team that has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the industry.

Our plant in Taiwan is ISO 9001-2001 certified as well, helping us to ensure we provide quality solutions and products. With extensive experience in computer cable assemblies and telecommunication accessories, we are capable to deliver what you need quickly, efficiently and according to the most stringent requirements. We have the latest in quality testing equipment together with a dedicated Quality Team to meet and/or exceed your requirements.

In addition to ISO certification, we are also approved by CUL, UL and CSA; and are in the process of obtaining CCC approval. CCC is the safety standard set by the People’s Republic of China and we are among the first to go through the approval process.